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Learning to be a Digital Citizen

18 Feb 2013 4:29 PM | Rodney Murray (Administrator)

"Learning to be a Digital Citizen" presented by Joe Raimondo, Principal at The Infotention Network

Presented at the PADLA meeting on Thursday, January 24, 2013 at West Chester University.

The convergence of social technologies and the exponential growth of the availability of data has provoked the emergence of a new set of fundamental capacities to deal with the information onslaught, as well as to enable people to be effective digital citizens. How do we develop effective models and pedagogy for providing these new capacities? We will explore how to provide a standard set of models for teaching "infotention" a term coined by author and futurist Howard Rheingold to describe "the psycho-social-techno skills/tools we all need to find our way online today, a mind-machine combination of brain-powered attention skills with computer-powered information filters." Further, we will explore the work Howard has done to develop online skills training in this arena as well as how this type of learning would scale to cover the whole enterprise.

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